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You win some, you lose some.

I have some new things to report about coconut oil and the usage of it as a substitute for anything and everything:

  1. Julia may have been right about the whole too greasy of a face thing when used as face wash. I currently have the worst acne I’ve had since Africa (when I was filthy and sweating literally multiple liters of water a day and unlike Gwenyth I’m using “literally” appropriately here), but my wintery dry skin is no longer peeling off my forehead. I’m not sure which is better.
  2. I read this thing about how if you are broke you can shave your legs with olive oil rather than shaving cream (which is kind of dumb advice because, hello, you can also shave with a bar of soap you found or just water or Suave conditioner which is cheaper than olive oil and makes your legs so smooth, but whatever) so I decided to try coconut oil, obviously. I only used it on my arm pits because I didn’t shave my legs (why would I?) and it worked great. Very non-irritating, very moisturizing, very sleek arm pits now.


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